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Brochures for KOR-IT Core Drilling Products

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Complete KOR-IT Catalog

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Gasoline Powered Machines

* KOR-Mobile Trailer Mounted Core Drill Machines – K-150, K-160
* Gasoline Powered Core Drill Machines – K-401, K-416
* Gasoline Powered Core Drill Machines, Large Bit Capacity or Auger Capabilities – K-424, K-616
* Receiver Mounted Core Drill Machines – K-1600 Series and K-1700 Series
KOR-VAC™  Systems – KV-55, KV-30, KV-55E, KV-30E

Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Machines

* Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Core Drill Machines – K-90, K-102
* Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Core Drill Machines – K-201
* Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Core Drill Machines – K-201HRA

* Heavy Duty Core Drill Machines –  K-208
* Hydraulic Powered Units

Specialty Drill Machines

* Hand-Held Gasoline Powered Core Drill Machine – K-501
* Bucket Mounted Core Drill Machines – K-700 Series Machines

Responder Victim Locator

*Promethean System

Custom Machines

* Custom Machines Built to your specifications and needs!

Accessories and Bits

* Accessories 
* Diamond Core Drill Bits
* Diamond Bit Dresser


KOR-IT® maintains its’ valued and trusted brand name since 1958 by providing quality design, engineering and manufacturing to the concrete drilling industry. To support our reliability, KOR-IT® is the only manufacture in our industry including a Lifetime Warrantyfor our core drill machines.

Feel free to contact us with any questions that you have regarding our core drilling products. (888) 727-4560

These products and more available for purchase directly from our online store.