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“Mini Brute” Core Drill System

A Custom Trailer Mounted Core Drill System

Options We Included On This Custom Core Drill System Included:
  • Designed For The Road Construction Industry
  • Hydraulic Powered Trailer Mounted Core Drill Machine
  • Drilled Up To 36″ Diameter Holes
  • Drilled Perfectly Vertical with Dual Precision Ground Columns and Support Bracing
  • Modified Dual Axle Trailer
  • Storage For Multiple Core Bits
  • Integrated Hydraulic Power Unit
The Mini Brute Core Drill System reduces job costs.

• Near-zero setup time
• Longer bit life with very stable drilling platform
• Drills faster with a high horsepower gasoline or hydraulic system

Independence in the field with gasoline or hydraulic powered trailer mounted drilling system.

 • Stand-alone system, no additional power source required
• Power sources available: 21 to 34 H • Power sources available: 21 to 34 HP to 26 to 67 HP
• 200-gallon polyethylene horizontal water tank and 12 VDC water pump

Years of us and dependable performance with stable drilling platform.

• Heavy-duty, precision-ground dual columns
• Tenzaloy precision machined carriage assembly
• Designed for large and small hole drilling
• Smooth, precision ball feed screw system

If you don’t see it but need it, we’ll design and build it!


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