Core Rigs And Drill Stands

How to Get the Most from Core Drills
Core drills are useful for masonry, mining, concrete work, and many other trades. They are circular in shape, carving perfectly circular holes in materials. These drills are powered by a variety of sources, including hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic energy sources. Although drilling with core drills may seem straightforward — after all, they’re just drill bits — these circular bits require more know-how than run-of-the-mill bits. Most people who use core drills apply them in masonry or concrete work. Let’s run through basic tips for properly using core drills in these situations.

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Analyzing depth needed to drill the desired hole

Deciding what depth you need for your project is essential to selecting bits, stands, and other necessary equipment for proper performance. Some core drill stands do not offer vacuum seals or angled drilling options. Drill bits may not be made with strong-enough materials, such as diamond. Various core drills may not be strong enough for tasks at hand. Other important core drill equipment decisions are based directly on their owners’ needs. Not selecting proper equipment may result in taking more time or costing more money than with well-suited equipment, or even the core drill or its stand breaking.