Hand Held Core Drills

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Core Bore Hand Held Hydraulic Core Drill Motor

The drill edges competition by its ability to drill efficiently by providing a 13 GPM maximum flow. What’s more? It’s extra features of 4 HP, 300/800/1600 rpm speed and 6” bit capacity give you value for money by ensuring you enjoy faster and smooth drilling for a longer time. The drill can be used on various surfaces among them being brick, reinforced concrete as well as cinderblock cement.

K-501 Hand Held Gasoline Core Drill

With this type of hand drill, all you need is to add gas and core drill anywhere. It saves you money on labor as it’s only handled by one person. Moreover, setting it up is the quickest task you can have with this type of drill. With a 4-cycle gasoline powered engine and 7-inch diameter capacity, you can be sure to spend the least time possible in drilling concrete/asphalt surfaces

K-802 3-Speed Hand-Held Core Drill

First, the efficiency of this drill is of its class with its powerful yet variable 3-speed core drill of 900/2000/4000 RPM. It has a 6-inch capacity with stand, 110V motor and is well known for its cost-effectiveness

Second, it’s well-known universally standard drill spindle fits perfectly in any core bit be it bricks, concrete or asphalt.

K-525 Gasoline Powered Rescue Drill

Whenever a building collapses, this drill helps in the fastest penetration of concrete to reach inaccessible victims. Besides, its ease of operation powered by a 4-cycle, 31cc Gas Motor, maximum RPM and lightweight (only 25lbs) makes it possible to drill anywhere be it in an inversion or horizontal way. The drill is self-contained! You don’t need any materials assembled hence a quick and easy set-up

K-806 Combination Hand Held Core Drill and Core Drill Stand

With its powerful 3-Speed drill 900/2000/4000 RPM and portability due to light weight, this drill comes with a hard shell and fittings to ensure perfect vertical drilling. It’s very cost effective offering customers’ value for their money coupled with its reliability. Its drill spindle will fit in any standard core bit be it asphalt or concrete. It has a 3-inch diameter capacity and brand of 110V motor, 1500 Watts.

Core Bore Hand Held Underwater Pneumatic Core Drill

The drill offers efficient for your underwater drilling needs through its close to 4” bit capacity and 5/8”-11 as well as 1.250-7 spindles. It can be used to drill refractory bricks, masonry materials as well as concrete.

Sewer Pipe Tap K-512

As an excellent choice for civil as well as general contractors, Sewer Pipe Tap punches holes (preferably 6”-12” bit diameters) into concrete tilt-ups or precast sewer pipes and mains. It’s easy portability, and light weight of 22lbs drill head makes it a favorite to landscape and general contractors as well. Due to its emissions, it can only be used outdoors.