Rescue Drills

Rescue Core Drills to Help Locate and Access Trapped Victims. Rescue Drill Selection

Rescue core drills, in a nutshell, are helpful devices that enable people to get to victims who are trapped. They’re devices that enable people to find victims in the first place. If you want to find all of the strongest and most effective rescue core drills out there, you have no reason to worry. KOR-IT in Sacramento, California can help. We’re a distinguished manufacturer that has been in existence since 1958. We specialize in core drilling machines of all varieties. We specialize in diamond tools of all kinds as well. If you work in the vast concrete cutting universe, you can turn to us with all sorts of needs. Our choices in diamond blades, diamond tools, saws, core drills and more are impressive, varied and dazzling. We present our customers with many first-class choices in core drill machines. You can depend on us for hydraulic core drills, hitch mounted core drills, electric core drills, gasoline powered core drills, rescue core drills and more. You can even depend on us for customized core drills. If you’re interested in a core drill that’s 100 percent tailored to your individual needs and specific application requirements, we can deliver. We’re a company that always goes the extra mile to give our customers precisely what they need and want.

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