Slurry Slurp concrete core drill attachment

Slurry Slurp® 5 Inch

$119.99 $119.99

Prevent dust, water and slurry messes during concrete core drills with the patented Slurry Slurp®. FIve inch attachment for drilling holes up to five inches in diameter.

Product Description

Prevent leaks and stains during core drilling with Slurry Slurp®!

  • Made from durable polymer for worry-free maintenance
  • Manufactured as one molded piece and comes complete with vacuum hose
  • Self-attaches in seconds to concrete walls and floors using only the suction from wet / dry vacuums – no other attachment hardware needed!
  • Available in two sizes for drilling holes up to 10 inches

The Slurry Slurp® is a patented shop vacuum attachment that contains and removes the dust, water, and slurry created during concrete drilling. Save time and money by preventing stains and lengthy clean up after each drill job.

Slurry Slurp® works by surrounding the drill bit and self-attaching to concrete walls and floors using only the suction from your wet vac and/or dry vac. The included hose attaches to your vacuum to safely and efficiently remove the dust, water, and slurry created during the drill. No additional rings or attachments are needed – simply use the durable one piece ring and hose to save costly wasted time on clean up!

The Slurry Slurp® comes in two sizes to meet your drilling needs:

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KOR-IT® is a certified reseller of Slurry Slurp®. Slurry Slurp® is a registered trademark of Poly Seal Industries.


Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 4 in


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