KOR-IT® Who We Are

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Our value proposition is R.E.A.L.



KOR-IT® maintains its’ valued and trusted brand name since 1958, by providing quality design, engineering and manufacturing to the concrete drilling industry.  To support our reliability, KOR-IT® is the only manufacture in our industry offering a lifetime warranty for our core drill machines.



KOR-IT® cuts the risk out of choosing the right equipment for the job, with in-house industry experts, providing solutions using quality engineered products.



KOR-IT® products provide rapid total cost offsets due to their inherent efficiencies.  With near zero set-up and take-down times, gasoline-powered units use speed and performance, to reduce man-hours in the field and increase profits to our customers.  We aim to have our customer recoup the cost of our machines with the 1st major job they perform.



KOR-IT®’s drill machines have outlived most companies as a whole.  Investment in people and processes have proven even during challenging economic times, KOR-IT® is going strong for more than 56 years.


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